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Love My Neighbor Foundation Hosts Gala Awarding Artist Trindiad Jame$ for Humanitarian Efforts

Volunteers, supporters and community members gathered Dec. 14, 2022 in North Hollywood to celebrate Love My Neighbor Foundation (LMNF) during the “A Night to Remember” Gala. The charity honored its contributors with this black-tie event where attendees enjoyed dinner, live music and entertainment at Blush Banquet Hall.

Creative artist, Trinidad Jame$, was among the honorees at the Gala. LMNF presented Jame$ with his first ever humanitarian award. During his award acceptance speech he said, “I like being outside with the culture at what some people might look at as the lowest point-- being homeless.”

During the Gala, Elizabeth Lavezzari, from the California State Senate Office of Josh Newman, made a visit to present the foundation with a certificate recognizing LMNF for exemplary service.

Founder Athena Hayley and her team organized this event to show appreciation for volunteers’ year-round work and to celebrate the honor of receiving the award for 2022 Best Charity in LA from the LA Times.

Hayley plans to continue celebrating the foundation's contributors by hosting a gala each year.

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